Mo Chronicles

Big Steps

I have been saying a lot lately…”if I ever write a book…” or “if I ever start a blog..”.

Bla bla bla. Never do. No time! Next chore. No Time. Repeat.

Now I think it’s time to start writing this stuff down. Don’t care if anyone reads it, likes it, follows it, tweets it or whatever anyone does to unlike something these days. Don’t care. I am doing it.  Done. Whew….big step people.

Big steps are hard especially if you have little feet. Let me back up, I am an adoptive parent. My husband and I adopted a 8 year old girl, Mo, from foster care a couple of years ago. After years of sitting back while others made terrible decisions for her, Mo now has a family and community who loves her.

However, what Mo brings to us is what is really worth writing about.

You see Mo is very used to taking big steps, like moving families, changing schools or working hard to recover from past trauma. Sometimes the small steps don’t seem to hit her radar— at all. Because of this she has a natural and raw talent for putting things in perspective- FAST.

Mo constantly wants to makes things better for someone else- always very concerned for their big steps. Mo uses encouragement constantly almost like an organ –vital to her survival. What if we all put other people’s big steps first?  Now that is the world I’d like to live in.

She has dramatically shifted my perspective by letting me borrow her lens. The lens dramatically changes the picture, it is quick and often leaves me stunned at my initial thoughts and reactions. Now of course, most of the time Mo does not know she has this lens or that Mommy is borrowing it (she is 11 after all!)–but that is the beauty of her lessons, they are effortless and authentic.

I will write about these lessons as they surface but will be mindful of my role as Mo’s shepherd…..Constantly protecting and guiding her through more of life’s big steps.

This journey is as rewarding as it is difficult but one that should be shared to drive change in us all.