Happy Thanksgiving

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Hello You Amazing People,

I have had the incredible opportunity to help many of you uncover your unique passions and strengths. In our sessions, you work hard to figure out how to deliver these things to the people and places you wish to impact with your life’s work.

Recently it occurred to me that so many of you are participating in some sort of volunteer activity as a way to develop your passions and strengths. You are doing this right where you live in places like New York, Kentucky, Illinois and Alaska!

What an unbelievable collective benefit to the world as you continue on your very personal career journey.

I am so inspired and grateful for your impact. Keep Going!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Girl Power Anyone?


Earlier this year I took my 11 year old daughter, Mo, and a few of her girl friends to see the movie Wonder Woman.

Well, I walked in the theatre with smiley, naive, whispering, silly tween girls.

2 Hours Later…….

I came out with a pack of hyper vigilant tigers ready to pounce on whatever came at them….like the summer breeze which they simultaneously took care of with a series of aerial karate kicks in the parking lot.

Isn’t that exactly  how many of us women walked into a recent theatre (aka the 2016 elections).  So how are we going to come out of that theatre?

The world will see in two weeks…..

To pay homage to that evening we decided on one Halloween costume for a member of our family! GIRL POWER PUPPY