To: You From: You



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day… Until the 14th of February, the perspective of such a lovely day will be a theme everywhere you look! But for some of us, it might be a hardship: between the difficulties we have to face at work or home, things are far from being rosy.
But stop being melancholic now! Since our happiness belongs to us, and since we can shape it according to our state of mind, it is time to revolutionize the preconceptions associated with this day.
Valentine’s Day, why always for the others?
It is true that Valentine’s Day is often seen as the day we have to take care of the persons we love: offer our girlfriend a bunch of roses or a shiny bracelet, offer our husband the watch he has dreamt of, and seeing their illuminated smiles… But why couldn’t we disrupt these habits a little bit? Indeed, this day could also be YOUR day. Let’s focus on what is good for you, on what makes you happy. And use this time to think about your own resilience! This is fundamental for your sustainable success and happiness at work and at home. Because as we know, to love the people around us, we first must know how to love ourselves.
The tool to resilience…..Putting in place the things which energize you!
What, where and who is good for you? What gives you tons of energy? What are you good at? Creating such a list and focusing on the good things will help you seek them out more, giving less time to the things that drain your energy.
This will help you to be proud, to gain self-confidence, and to reach the resilience we all need. You also have to accept that failures are a part of your success.
They will help you to go ahead. Your mentors and role models didn’t always succeed, and it required time to reach what they wanted. Just be humble, and take more measured looks: resilience has a greater impact on your everyday life than you might expect. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to pay attention to you!
xo, Dina


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