sELF Care !

So…Our Elf on the Shelf’s name is Diamond. Diamond is amazing. She is always having fun, getting into stuff and creating awesome holiday spirit.
I wonder what it would be like to have all day to rest, stare into space and plan to do something fun when no-one is watching!!

Got me thinking of what self-care could look like over holiday break.

Let’s take a look….

  • Stay in the Moment. (like Diamond!)
  • Eat Right. (yes, just like Buddy)
  • Let it go…… (Elsa style of course)
  • Fix it. (yep that, make it right…)
  • Connect with nature. (snow angels count!)
  • Ask someone for help. (an elf perhaps?)
  • Rest and Recharge (Wow …that is 2 points in Scattergories!)
  • Exercise (the gym is so empty right now!)

Wishing you an amazing holiday break,



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